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How do I track my cargo?

1. web query with customer tracking number, tracking  number and service provider tracking any one of the tracking track

2.The track interface can be connected with our API, and our company will grab and  push the delivered goods.

3.Or contact your customer service staff to provide comprehensive tracking inquiries.



The recipient cannot be contacted. What should be done if the delivery fails?

1. Returnable parts will be returned to our outer warehouse .

2.The goods can be either destroyed or rescheduled.



+ What should be done if the package is damaged or missing?

1. After communication with the receiver, the receiver agrees to receive the express for the damaged   part;

2. If the receiving party refuses to accept, the damaged parts can be returned to our foreign   warehouse for re-arrangement and re-delivery;

3.The missing piece may notify the service provider to investigate the claim processing.

4. Compensate according to our company’s claim regulation.



+ How do you handle returns?

After the parcel is returned to the overseas warehouse due to delivery failure, it can be resold or picked up by yourself. The storage period is 15 days.If it is delayed, it will be destroyed without any cost.



Do you need API docking for sending small packages?

No,you don’t .

1.We recommend that customers use API docking.

2. If the customer does not have the condition to use the API for docking, he/she can also use the front desk of our customer to upload the order in batches and it have the function of scanning one bill and typing one bill to convenient customer operation.



Can you use our overseas importers?

Of course.



How long is the time limit for customs clearance and delivery?

The time limit of customs clearance and delivery depends on the speed of air ground handling service, and the time limit of normal delivery is about half a day to one day



What goods can not be cleared by the United States? Which goods can be cleared only with special requirements?

Unable to clear customs:

1. the customs orders the import of prohibited goods such as drugs, marijuana, controlled knives, weapons, ammunition, cultural relics and antiques, etc.

2. items that cannot be provided by relevant certification, such as: USA: electric toothbrush (FDA), safety belt (DOT), battery (MSDS), blood pressure meter (FDA+medical device+510K), etc.

3. unlicensed goods, such as brand authorization (Apple, Huawei, Microsoft, Disney).

4. infringing goods, such as imitation of brands of big brands and imitation of styles of big brands.

5. anti-dumping goods such as: checked books, metal nails, pencils, candles.


 Goods requiring special clearance:

1. goods requiring DOT: traffic vehicles and their parts.

2. goods requiring EPA: diesel/gasoline engine equipment, gas, water treatment equipment, drinking water, pesticides, etc.

3. goods requiring CPSC: there are many products for mother and baby, such as toys, baby clothes, baby towels, etc.

4. goods requiring FDA: articles for entry and contact with skin (toothbrush, blood pressure monitor, eyebrow pin, etc.



Can our American customs clearance be saved? How should we make a reasonable declaration?

No, the customs needs to declare truthfully. The declared price can deduct transportation cost, profit and other related expenses. We will also give reasonable declaration Suggestions to customers to ensure the smooth clearance of the goods.



If we do not know how to make the materials for customs clearance in the us, can you help us do it?

No, but we will provide relevant templates and SOP to instruct the customer to make declaration materials.



How can us customs clearance be avoided? What do you need to do after inspection? What is the time limit for inspection?

Avoid declaring sensitive words such as: baby, child, medical, treatment, etc. Cooperate with customs clearance bank to submit relevant information to customs after inspection. Generally, the inspection cycle is 7 working days after the opening of the container. If the holiday is postponed, the special inspection cycle is 30 working days.


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